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This site is here as a resource to let you know what Metamorphosis is, where you can find a practitioner or teacher and when the upcoming classes and seminars are. There are order forms for 3 countries to purchase books or subscribe to the International or Irish Journals.

Metamorphosis was originally created by Robert St. John in England during the late 1950’s. In his various explorations with healing, he decided he wanted to find a way to resolve the conflict on the planet by finding a means to address the root of that disharmony. He appreciated the principle of Reflexology, that the body heals itself, when one paid attention to reflex points. There were many maps around, yet they all worked, thus the realization that intention was of primary importance.

He decided to create his own version of Reflexology that addressed the underlying thought patterns affecting humanity individually and collectively. What he surmised was that one could use reflex points to address the core patterns, rather than just the physical symptomatic disturbances.

Along with this he realized that our primary disturbances come in with us at conception, what he called pre-conception. Influences from the past become part of us via our genetic lineage and other influences. The idea is we are not in balance when we are influenced by any aspect of the past. Metamorphosis is a means to let go of those influences that unconsciously affect us all in a variety of ways. It is non-invasive and non-directive.

Metamorphosis is not a medical or a scientific approach to health and well being, it is an understanding of the way in which we are influenced in our inheritance of the past, and the way in which this influence forms certain attitudes of mind at conception, which create an inhibition in our approach to life, modifying our development, both mentally and physically. It is the introduction of this inhibitory influence before conception which governs the outcome of our mental and physical well being.

Using the spinal reflexes of the feet, hands and head, as well as the more abstract hand symbols, Metamorphosis is a method which brings these "attitudes of mind" into the unconscious focus of the recipient and enables them to be their 'own healer'.

To request information on Metamorphosis click on the country closest to you:

United States Cindy Silverlock: 707-528-9402
Australia Donna Armanasco: 089-842-3565
Ireland Eithne O'Mahony: 025-31525
Germany Christiane Boustani: 04637-1887

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