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Metamorphosis is not limited to the situations listed below.
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Metamorphosis is unique in that it addresses mental, emotional, physical and behavioral disturbances, so in essence, all of our underlying disturbances. Because of this there are several articles to help clarify the diversity of Metamorphosis and show how it may be useful in your own life. It is also helpful during pregnancy and labor. Metamorphosis is wonderful for anyone of any age, including animals, and a sense of 'disturbance' is not necessary - all that is needed is a willingness to change. Metamorphosis can be done on yourself as well. Metamorphosis does not medically claim to heal.

The Origins of Metamorphosis - by Robert St. John

What Metamorphosis is - by Robert St. John

Healing from the Outside In - by Cindy Silverlock
(Discusses illness, ADD, Autism, Down Syndrome, hyperactivity, addictions and healing in general.)

Metamorphosis and Horses - by Donna Armanasco

Metamorphosis - a healing art - by Cindy Silverlock

Metamorphosis & Pregnancy, Childbirth and Holistic Family Care - by Cindy Silverlock

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