Pregnancy, Childbirth and Holistic Family Care

Metamorphosis is a hands-on approach to life that realizes the importance of the gestation period and the stress patterns brought in at conception. By using Metamorphosis one is able to release these patterns and become more balanced, letting go of limiting patterns, blockages and attitudes that keep us from living fully and joyfully in the present.

The Beginnings of Metamorphosis
Metamorphosis (originally called Prenatal Therapy) was founded by an English gentleman, Robert St. John, in the late 1950's. While working on the spinal reflexes of the feet, he noticed the correlation between the prenatal period and the spinal reflex points. He realized that while he was assisting with the release of disharmonies in the spine, people were also releasing disharmonies from the prenatal period. This discovery led to a great improvement in the responses of his clients. Not only were there physical changes, but also changes in the attitudes of mind. The change in the attitude of mind is the premise of what Metamorphosis is about, for it is through our attitudes that we view and experience life.

Another important aspect of how Metamorphosis was discovered came from Mr. St. John studying Naturopathy. He noticed that the focus was on symptom removal. People's symptoms would leave but new ones would often surface, because the underlying issue was not being addressed. The underlying symptoms stem from the stresses developed in the womb. Taking the stress back to its origin is the only way to permanently remove it.

Many of us are aware of how the trauma of birth can affect us later in life. Metamorphosis takes this back a bit further and believes that many of our disturbances were created at conception. We are conscious beings during the gestation period. Our attitudes towards life reflect the stress patterns from our genetic and karmic patterns, as well as the prenatal experience itself, all affect our development in the womb on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Using the concept of reflex points, we are able to access the prenatal pattern, our karmic and genetic patterns. By addressing this time period we are working where our stress patterns originated, this enables one to release limiting patterns from their life. The changes are permanent and profound because the work addresses the underlying issue and not the symptomatic expression.

Working on Pregnant Women
The reason working with a child while it is still in the womb is so important, is that the child's frame of consciousness, while in the womb, affects how it will move through the developmental stages. It will impact the child throughout the pregnancy, the actual birth, and later in life. If there is a lot of tension at conception, from a consciousness point of reference, the following stages of growth, preparing for birth (life) and birth (action, change, coming into life) itself will be affected. A child's energy is very focused on the task at hand. If there is tension, the ability to move forward is hindered. For example, retarded children are simply children who had a lot of tension and got held up in their development. Metamorphosis views retardation as an extreme stress pattern, with the possibility of moving out of it if addressed within the first five years of life. If the mother is having Metamorphosis sessions while she is pregnant, the baby will be able to let go of minor or extreme stress patterns prior to birth. This will enable children to be born healthier and stronger in nature.

Metamorphosis during pregnancy and or labor creates a more relaxed natural birth. From the Metamorphosis perspective, difficult labors are created out of the stress patterns of the mother and child. Often, due to the prenatal stress patterns, a child is resistant to coming into life. This can easily be addressed by having sessions prior to birth. Thus the mother and child can enjoy the process of giving birth and coming into life together!

Working with Children already born
Mothers can greatly benefit from realizing that often a child's "problem, condition..." is actually an expression of prenatal stress patterns. Mothers will feel more empowered to assist their children in a holistic way. Children love to have their feet worked on and respond very quickly to Metamorphosis. Common examples of stress patterns are hyperactivity, emotional problems, learning disabilities, physical challenges,... Metamorphosis looks at these as 'patterns' and not permanent situations, illnesses or conditions. With more extreme stress patterns like Autism or Down's Syndrome it is best to work with them in the first 5 years.

Metamorphosis is a very profound approach that can alleviate further stress on the planet and in the home. If we can begin to understand the importance of the prenatal process and its affect on our lives, then humanity as a whole can shift out of it's dysfunctional patterns. It is easy enough to learn to be used in the home, to assist their children find a new creative approach to life, rather than try to fix them. This approach creates more acceptance for the child as he or she is and gives them the opportunity to move out of the situation. Without labeling the child, he/she does not feel that they have a 'problem'.

The Benefits for Midwives, Labor Companions & Nurses
A midwife, labor companion, nurse, doctor or anyone involved with the introduction of children into the world will greatly benefit from understanding the philosophy and hands-on approach of Metamorphosis. It is a tool for people to use either professionally or in the home.

Metamorphosis for Everyone
Metamorphosis is for everyone of any age, not just pregnant women and children. The benefit to working with pregnant women and children is that they get a 'head start' in living a more functional and joyful life. This does not imply that it is ever to late to get started. Metamorphosis is easy to learn and an understanding of the healing arts or the birth process is not necessary. Working on oneself is strongly encouraged. Part of taking responsibility for our own healing is actually doing it for ourselves. Often when one enters into Metamorphosis many aspects of their lives begin to change as life gets easier and more joyful!

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