Annual Metamorphosis Lectures

The Purpose of the lectures are to offer a forum for people who currently practice or have some understanding of Metamorphosis to come together and discuss their questions, the philosophy and hands-on approach. Metamorphosis challenges the existing paradigms of healing, structure, reality as well as your own personal blocks. For this reason continued exposure to the philosophy is helpful. Donna Armanasco presents further lectures on aspects of the work rarely presented in an introductory class. For those who have attended a seminar, new information is always presented, or you hear it in a different way, as your blocks have ‘shifted’ during the time in between. As we become more ‘balanced’ we are able to hear the clearer meaning of Robert St. John’s work and it becomes more simple in philosophy and approach.

2000 Schedule

U.S.: in Homewood, Illinois - September 23 & 24
Contact: Cindy Silverlock-707-528-9402

Germany: in Grunzhol - Oct. 7 & 8 and in Munich- Oct. 14 & 15
Contact: Christiane Boustani - 04637-1887

Details to be announced for Holland and Ireland
In Ireland contact:- Eithne O'Mahony - 025-31525
In Holland contact: - Loes Bergers

Or contact Donna Armanasco directly to coordinate a lecture in your area:
Donna Armanasco - 089-842-3565

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