Metamorphosis - a healing art that benefits all
By Cindy Silverlock

What will it take to get the world back on track and in a true sense of balance and awareness? Meaning living in harmony with the environment and all living things. First and foremost we need to address the underlying unconscious attitudes of mind that are creating the imbalances in the first place. Although we may not be personally participating in the more destructive acts, we all contribute to the overall imbalance in some way.

Metamorphosis is a philosophy on healing accompanied with a hands-on approach that addresses the underlying attitudes of mind that affect us individually as well as collectively. This allows us to get to the bottom of the disturbances affecting us all in different ways. This is a 'true' healing art for its overall outcome will affect the global situation for all living things. It also brings nothing to landfills for all that is used in its application is your own hands. This eliminates any packaging and processing of the lotions and oils frequently used in the healing arts.

Robert St. John, the founder of Metamorphosis, began creating the work in the late 1950's. At that time he primarily worked with Naturopathy, Reflexology and the Bates Eye System. The conclusions he formed along with his own creativity were the basis for creating Metamorphosis. It was originally called Prenatal Therapy because of its awareness of the influence the prenatal period has on our mental, emotional, behavioral and physical qualities. Of primary importance is what he called "Pre-Conception", the time when all the external influences are gathering to set the 'blueprint' of who we will become. These influences include our genetic inheritance from the beginning of our lineage, the memory of the history of the planet, humanity and our particular race or culture, the planet alignment (astrology), and so on, all elements of the past. All these factors come into substance at conception and influence how easily we move through gestation on many levels and then through life. They act as filters of interpretation creating emotional attitudes, illness… they are behind all of our mental, emotional, physical and behavioral disturbances, personally and collectively. They condition how we view and experience life, for we function from our blocks.

When I talk about blocks, they are blocks in the flow from consciousness (awareness) into action, keeping us from living in the moment due to influences from the past. What gets in the way of that spontaneous flow is our own unique blocks. These influences are stored in our unconscious and continually affect our attitudes and behaviors. They become 'compulsions', ways we react to life without knowing or wanting to. None of us want to be dysfunctional, ill, etc. These attitudes begin in the womb, which means that our primary stress patterns come from within and determine how we cope with our womb environment, difficult births, childhood's, etc. We are more or less creative and adaptive in responding to stress rather than reacting to it, based on our attitudes. Notice how the same incident will be interpreted differently by many based on the blocks and attitudes of each individual. This is the basis for most conflict on the planet, globally and inter-personally.

Blocks express themselves in many ways, as conditions such as Autism, Downs Syndrome, ADD, Hyperactivity, etc. (Severe conditions such as Autism and Downs Syndrome see their best results within the first 5 years of life, for these are more deep seated than most other patterns.) Behaviorally they are expressed in any way that we behave that creates disharmony for self or others. Emotionally they are expressed as repetitive attitudes or patterns, such as anger, jealously, a need to control, phobias, etc, which often get in the way of truly connecting with others. Physically they are expressed through our skeletal structure, digestive and all systems, illness such as Cancer, Alzheimer's, Aids, Chronic Fatigue, etc. Mentally they are expressed as any kind of imbalance in relation to thinking and the mind. It could be mental illness or simply a tendency to 'over think' or worry, creating unnecessary tension.

Blocks also keep us 'held in time', which is why a trauma from birth, childhood… can still be influencing someone years later, causing one to continue to react to a moment long ago. The attitude of mind associated with particular events is what keeps one from being able to let go of the 'past'. As we come into balance from within, these disturbances disappear permanently, as we become more able to live and respond in the present. Metamorphosis is not an overnight miracle cure - it often takes time and a commitment to applying the work on oneself. The permanence comes from the shift in attitude rather than treatment of particular symptoms.

The hands-on approach evolved out of St. John's observations while working with Reflexology. He was very intrigued with its use of reflex points as symbols for the physical body. What St. John surmised was that he could use reflex points to access the underlying thought patterns, the pre-conception influences, operating in the unconscious. The unconscious communicates via symbols which makes reflex points effective, allowing our innate intelligence rather than our acquired intelligence to 'do the work'. Change occurs on an inner, cellular level, relieving you from having to share your history of traumas or even understand why you are the way you are. It is an effortless approach, in that all you have to do is receive sessions from self or others. This allows you to use your time for what you enjoy doing, rather than considering or worrying about what is wrong with you or your life.

Metamorphosis challenges the existing paradigms of healing. It sees all mental, emotional, physical and behavioral disturbances as symptoms or expressions of the underlying stress patterns brought in at conception. Most medical and many holistic approaches label diseases, conditions… and address the outward symptom rather than the underlying stress patterns. They also engage in a hierarchy of healing, where one is the doctor, healer… with training, knowledge or skill that sets them apart. Metamorphosis challenges this hierarchy - placing us all as our own healers - trusting our innate intelligence to untangle the web of the past over our trained or acquired abilities. It also states that we don't 'need' substances or assistance outside of ourselves, natural or unnatural. We would really uncomplicate the world if we stopped processing, packaging.. all the pills, tinctures… we consume in mass quantities. By addressing the attitude of mind rather than the symptom we honor our own ability to heal from within.

Most approaches view our traumas and tensions from birth onwards which keeps us from looking at the 'whole' picture. St. John noticed that when one treats symptoms, new ones usually occur, keeping one in the cycle of need and dependency. Thus - the eternal conflict that the planet and its inhabitants suffer from. The primary philosophy of Metamorphosis is that we are our own healers, giving you full credit and responsibility for your own healing.

Metamorphosis classes show you how to work on oneself, others and animals. Classes and sessions are for anyone of any age, children take to the work beautifully. Classes are a place where the philosophy and approach are introduced. Being a very creative approach, one has to come to their own inner understanding of the work through its application on self and others. A 'knowingness' takes place rather than a 'trained' understanding. It is simple enough for any parent or person to bring into their daily lives to assist friends, family and animals shift out of the blocks that keep them from living life in a balanced harmonious manner. It can also be learnt by professionals who want to assist others in finding a way to take care of themselves. Although it is a self-healing approach, many aren't ready to take full responsibility and prefer to see a practitioner. The ability to take responsibility naturally takes place after a while, as blocks are released, creating a space of comfort for that step. Many clients like this approach because they do not have to reveal their past, engage in conversation or intellectually understand what is happening. For some this sounds 'too good' but then that shows how collectively we are conditioned to believe that healing is complex! (Metamorphosis is not easily mixed in with most other healing approaches, unless medically necessary, and is best used as a separate practice). All that is needed from you is an open mind and a willingness to change. Imagine the peace and harmony on the planet once we all begin to take responsibility for our own part in the bigger picture of life!

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