by Robert St. John, copyright

Metamorphosis is a means of re-educating the unconscious mind and of eliminating deeply seated influences of genetic, karmic, and other sources.

Based on the ancient system of reflexes we use those of the feet, hands and head as well as the more abstract hand symbols to gain access to the patterns formed by the prenatal conditioning.

Metamorphosis enables the student to contact these primary conditioning factors and to effect changes which finally eliminate the abnormalities.

Where there is life there is an inner source of healing and change to the optimum state of being. Metamorphosis brings the students motive for change of their troubles into the light of this inner source, and it is the light of life itself that produces the change.

There is no limit to age or to the severity of the trouble, it is the student who effects the change and it is this inner change which alters the attitude of mind which causes the illness of mind and body. In the case of very small children and babies Metamorphosis can be applied by the parents of the child, who act as a catalyst, yet it is the childs own inner principle of life which effects the change.

Metamorphosis is open to everyone who wants to make a fundamental change in their way of living. We can be healthy, but to do so we need to change our primary attitude of mind towards life which was formed at conception.

This can be taught to anyone who has the desire to effect a real and permanent change in their behavior patterns.

Robert St. John, copyright

(The reference to student means that anyone who enters into Metamorphosis becomes a student - as it is a way of life)

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